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Take One of Mine 2

After a rash of racially motivated mass shootings, Zahra finds herself in the company of a group that has decided that hopes and prayers aren’t good enough.

Take One of Mine on Kindle


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Take One of Mine

After a rash of racially motivated mass shootings, Zahra finds herself in the company of a group that has decided that hopes and prayers aren’t good enough.

Take One of Mine on Kindle


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Blurred Lines

Multiple lines are blurred when a homicide detective falls in love with a grieving mother who has taken matters into her own hands.

Blurred Lines on Kindle


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Asha and Boom Part 3

As Asha and Boom continue their bloody saga, the wages of war become too costly, and the need to retire takes precedent. When the streets they’ve taken so much from return to exact vengeance, the likelihood of the murderous duo obtaining their five-million-dollar nest egg seems more and more improbable.

Asha and Boom Part 3 on Kindle


Asha and Boom Part 2

All hell breaks loose when Asha saves her cousin from a notorious kingpin. When Mr. Brown retaliates against her, he unwittingly unleashes every one of Boom’s demons. The streets of Overbrook Meadows have never been so bloody.

Asha and Boom Part 2 on Kindle


Asha and Boom Part 1

Things quickly spiral out of control when Asha hires a contract killer to avenge her godson’s murder. In this edge-of-your-seat drama, Asha and Boom embark on a harrowing ride as they dodge feelings for each other and bullets from an unknown assailant.

Asha and Boom Part 1 on Kindle


Evan's Heart

Evan’s heart is a ticking time bomb. His marriage is questionable. His nurse is his salvation. When love blossoms at the hospital, Jada gives him a reason to live. For his love, she sacrifices her career. But her passion may cost Evan his life.

Evan's Heart on Kindle


Election Day

Despite legal efforts to integrate schools, black students continue to struggle with separate and unequal environments in 1970. Leo Davis, an ambitious mayoral candidate, seeks to close a dark chapter in Overbrook Meadows’ history, but the opposition is fierce. Falling for his campaign manager was never part of the plan. Leo and Carla must fight for their love, their safety, and the future of their beloved city.

Evan's Heart on Kindle


Threesome 2

Corey and Rene struggle to keep their marriage together after the fallout from their wild sexual encounter (detailed in part 1). Although they both claim to have moved on, they are still bitter and plot to get revenge on one another. The result is more drama and sexcapades than either bargained for. When the dust settles only one will be victorious...

Threesome 2 on Kindle


Backslide 2

Kole blacks out when a good friend is murdered. He returns to the helm of The Organization and will stop at nothing to exact revenge. His unraveling threatens to undo all of the progress he and Dana have made. When his enemies set their sights on the woman he loves, Kole becomes even more dangerous.

Backslide 2 on Kindle



Corey Grand, CEO of Grand Security Services, has the type of lifestyle men would kill for. Rene, his wife of ten years, was happy to take the backseat while he took the world by storm. When Corey fails to recognize his woman’s worth, he triggers her wrath.

Threesome on Kindle



Dana hasn’t spoken to her mysterious neighbor in over a year. That was around the time Kole stepped away from “The Organization,” vowing to never take another life. A tragic accident changes everything. In order to protect Dana, Kole must revive his old lifestyle. And despite her attempts to resist, she finds herself falling for him all over again.

Backslide on Kindle


Jackson Memorial 2

Welcome back to Jackson Memorial! Meet William and Sherry, two nurses who take their “work marriage” way too far. Carl's criminal enterprise is booming. Danielle’s not sure if she wants to be a stripper or a tech. And Naomi needs to acquire a newborn baby. Pronto! Get ready for a wild ride!

Jackson Memorial 2 on Kindle


Brick House Box Set

Get three full-length novels for one low price. Includes Brick House, Brick House 2 and Brick House 3.

Box set on Kindle

Brick House 3

Korah's daughter is eager to take the helm of her family's legacy. Stephanie also has her sights set on Baron Grant, a lead foreman at the company. But Stephanie's reckless pursuit of prominence and love could spell trouble for Texas Builders.

Brick House 3 on Kindle


Finley High Box Set

Get three full-length novels for one low price. Includes Bullies, Prom Night and Fast Girls at Finley High.

Box set on Kindle

Bullies at Finley High

Corey is no stranger to bullies. After a harrowing middle school experience, he hoped to turn things around at Finley High. He finds happiness with a new crush, but the bullies are quick to steal their joy. With eyes filled with anguish, he realizes there’s only one way to make the pain go away...

Bullies on Kindle


Hotline Fling

Sonya hates her job at a call center but is not prepared when she gets laid off. Reggie, a co-worker, has been pining for Sonya for years. For him, their newfound unemployment may be a blessing in disguise.

Hotline Fling on Kindle

Urban Box Set

Get three full-length novels for one low price. Includes Colored Rags, Jewell and the Dapper Dan and Blood for Isaiah.

Box set on Kindle

Colored Rags

Chris is a ghetto kid hoping to attend college in the fall. Mike is a knucklehead who murders an OG. Dre stands idly by while his brother is slaughtered. And Will is too evil to let a little thing like death stand in his way. When these forces collide, even more blood will spill.

Colored Rags on Kindle


The Realest Christmas Ever

Three years after their blazing reunion, Donovan and Kyra are still riding an enchanted high. When they travel to Little Rock for a family emergency, Kyra is forced to face the demons of her past. The trip threatens to ruin the holidays, but this may turn out to be the best Christmas ever.

The Realest Christmas on Kindle


Primal Part 1

An erotic novella. Jovan hasn’t seen Monica since they dated in high school. When they reunite at a mixer, she’s shocked to hear that her ex recently joined the world’s oldest profession. She’s even more stunned when Jovan asks her to become a business partner.

Primal Part One on Kindle

Paperback (With The Realest Christmas)

One on One

Marquis turns his life around with a coaching position, when he meets Nya, a beautiful parent who needs his help. His involvement lands him in hot water. Marquis must fight to convince a disappointed school that Nya is worth the trouble.

One on One on Kindle


Fast Girls at Finley High

Toya, Sandra and Cicely have few goals in life: Boys, partying and graduating with as little work as possible. When their wild ride comes to a end, one of the fast girls will never be the same after a bottle of liquor turns everything upside down.

Fast Girls on Kindle


Romance Box Set

Get three full-length novels for one low price. Includes The Realest Ever, Dripping Chocolate and Life After.

Box set on Kindle

Prom Night at Finley High

Serena, a fast girl from the projects, is no stranger to hardship. Jamar, founder of the school's bible club, is her opposite in many ways. When he asks her to the prom, Serena accepts, but she's afraid to tell him she's pregnant...

Prom Night on Kindle


Brick House 2

Korah and Brick are reveling in their sizzling, whirlwind romance. But love may be an obstacle for the competing contractors. Korah fights to keep her company together, and Brick must decide if commitment was ever on his agenda.

Brick House 2 on Kindle


Brick House

Korah Stewart and Brock "Brick" Avery are contractors competing for a multi-million dollar project. Korah is not above using her feminine allure to her advantage. And Brick, an ultra-sexy cowboy, will stop at nothing to secure the deal.

Brick House on Kindle


Blood for Isaiah

Tammy is a single mother, raising two boys in the hood. Dino is a gangster on a quest for ghetto fame. When their two worlds collide, it ends in a tragedy that will change both of their lives forever.

Isaiah on Kindle


Life After

Donna's marriage seems perfect. An unexpected event sends her reeling. Marcel survives a divorce, but there's no solace when he loses his only child. Love may be the only force powerful enough to heal their broken hearts.

Life After on Kindle


Sleeping With the Strangler

Deja is not aware that a killer stalks the streets of Overbrook Meadows until he creeps into her bed one night. She barely survives the "Sleeping Strangler's" attack. Deja has few reserves left for the demons she'll encounter in the days to come.

Strangler on Kindle


Poor Righteous Poet

The Master of Romantic Suspense and Urban Fiction offers an unprecedented glimpse into his heart and soul with a poetry collection like nothing you've seen before.

Poor Righteous on Kindle



Renee is having the worst day ever. Her husband has the power to relieve her tension, but James is reluctant to play with her tonight. Renee knows he'll eventually give in. He just needs the right kind of encouragement...

Harder on Kindle


Might Be Bi Part 1

Since her teenage years, Angela has dreamt about being with a woman. She is now in a position to explore her bisexuality, but is she ready for a relationship with a lesbian?

Might be Bi on Kindle


Jackson Memorial

When someone gets banged up in Overbrook Meadows, Texas, they all end up at the same hospital. Welcome to a place where affair isn't a dirty word, patients are fair game to scams, and even the parking garage gets steamy on third-shift. Welcome to Jackson Memorial.

Jackson on Kindle


The Realest Ever

As children, Donovan was Kyra’s only source of love. Fifteen years later Kyra returns to Overbrook Meadows, battle-scarred and weary. Donovan is eager to comfort her, but Kyra’s body still yearns for the kiss they once shared.

Realest on Kindle


Dripping Chocolate

Nicole should’ve known better than to find love at the strip club. Charles “Dripping Chocolate” Hester is mouth-wateringly fine, but he came with plenty drama. Is this just a wild and sexy ride or something much more?

Chocolate on Kindle


Plan C (And More KWB Shorts)

Keith Thomas Walker presents eight strange and chilling stories from the gritty streets of Overbrook Meadows, Texas. *Featuring the first four chapters of Colored Rags.

Plan C on Kindle



Shayla Humphries has a vendetta against adulterous church leaders. She takes them down with seduction, sex and plenty of video tape. But her victims are powerful men. Some will stop at nothing to get revenge.

Harlot on Kindle


Jewell and the Dapper Dan

Jewell and her dashing boyfriend Daniel are Overbrook Meadows' hottest crime duo. When their latest job brings more heat than loot, Daniel plans one last multi-million dollar heist. But he’s also planning the ultimate betrayal.

Jewell on Kindle


Blow by Blow

Lonzo is the best boxer Overbrook Meadows has ever seen. He’s poised to give his family everything they ever dreamed of, but Lonzo’s side-job with the notorious Mr. Brown brings danger to the very people he’s fighting for.

Blow by Blow on Kindle


The Finley Sisters' Oath of Romance

Ten years ago, Mona, Rene and Dawn were the most popular friends at Finley High School. Everyone knew they would remain kindred spirits forever, but after graduation the real world lured them in three different directions. The trio has little contact until their high school reunion. The girls, now women, are instantly inseparable again, but broken promises linger like ghosts from the past.

Finley Sisters on Kindle


Riding the Corporate Ladder

Deena Newman is sassy, single, and arguably the sexiest attorney at a prestigious law firm. She’s highly competent and valued, but most of her success has come by way of bedrooms rather than boardrooms. When the position of a lifetime comes available, Deena slips into her stilettos for the ultimate seduction. But sometimes passion and power carry a price, and dreams turn into nightmares.

Corporate Ladder on Kindle


A Good Dude

After running off with a rapper, Candace’s dreams of having a flashy lifestyle are shattered when Rilla gets dropped from his label. He returns to Overbrook Meadows and resumes drug dealing, and she is obliged to follow. In the meantime, Candace’s stomach is getting bigger, and she can’t say for sure who the father is. She thinks things are as bad as they can get, but she has yet to experience the real pain her new life has in store..

A Good Dude on Kindle


How to Kill Your Husband

Claire is a happily married mother of three. Her life seems picture perfect until she suspects her husband of sixteen years is having an affair. With the help of her quirky friends Becky and Melanie, Claire gets to the bottom of it. But they uncover more than she bargained for. When she believes she has sufficient proof, Claire decides on the obvious course of action: She must kill her husband.

How to Kill on Kindle


Fixin' Tyrone

When her son’s father returns from prison, Tyrone can’t get anywhere near Mia’s dating schedule, but he’s persistent. And he’s fine. Familiar passion leads to a night of unchecked ecstasy, and it looks like a touch of thug love is what Mia’s been looking for. Her friends tell her she can’t change a man. Mia’s willing to embark on her biggest project ever, but can she fix Tyrone?

Fixin' Tyrone on Kindle